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A Warm Welcome to Menstrie Parish Church

Welcome to Menstrie Parish Church, a cherished symbol of faith in the heart of Menstrie, Scotland.

As a vibrant part of the Church of Scotland, we are dedicated to nurturing an open, compassionate, and spiritually nourishing community. Rooted in centuries of tradition and set against the beautiful backdrop of Menstrie, we strive to reflect the unwavering faith, vibrant heritage, and timeless values that have guided our community for generations. Whether you are seeking solace, spiritual guidance, or community connection, Menstrie Parish Church extends a warm welcome to all. Please explore our website to discover the many ways you can connect, worship, serve, and grow with us.

Rev. Mike Goodison

Meet Reverend Mike Goodison, the spiritual guide and shepherd of our community here at Menstrie Parish Church.

Serving with unwavering dedication and a deep-seated love for our congregation, Reverend Goodison brings a refreshing perspective to our faith journey. His guidance is anchored in the teachings of the Bible, and his leadership style is characterised by empathy, inclusivity, and a passion for community engagement.

Reverend Goodison feels blessed to serve Menstrie Parish Church, with its rich history and dynamic congregation. He considers it his mission to make faith an accessible, enriching experience for all who step into our church.

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Explore the rich history of Menstrie Parish Church, a beacon of faith that has been at the heart of our community for centuries. From its humble beginnings to its growth and evolution over the years, every chapter of our church's journey reflects the steadfast faith and commitment of our congregation.

The window is at the south end of the church. It portrays the reception of the infant Jesus at the temple by Simeon and Anna the prophetess. The words of Simeon’s hymn of praise are clearly shown.


'Lord now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace for mine eyes have seen Thy salvation which Thou hast prepared before the face of all people.' (Luke 2: 22-38)


At the foot of the window is the memorial inscription


'To the Glory of God and in loving memory of James Johnston of Broom Hall died 12th January 1890 and his wife Margaret McNab died 2nd Aug 1922. Erected by their family August 1925.'


The Johston and McNab family were both very prominent in the Parish. For more than half a century the industry of the community had been associated with these names and everything that was related to the welfare of the Parish had been supported by the members of these families.

The Elders of Menstrie Parish Church are key pillars in our spiritual community, offering wisdom, guidance, and pastoral care. Their dedicated service and personal faith journeys are essential in guiding our congregation and shaping the spiritual life of our church.

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